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Indirect Taxation

Over the past few years, the indirect tax net has spread all over the economy, covering almost all sectors of business. Lack of knowledge on the part of tax administrators / tax payers coupled with abrupt changes in law require the provision of timely and effective business advice to help organizations plan and implement the required compliance measures. Our range of services, summarized below, has been designed to meet these requirements for our clients.

  • Facilitating issuance of zero rating, exemption, reduced tax rate or concessionary notification under customs, sales tax and excise duty laws.
  • Assisting the clients over the legal matters in the light of Sales Tax Act, 1990, Sindh Sales Tax on Services Act 2011, Federal Excise Act 2005 and Customs Act 1969.
  • Handling cases involving interpretation of law, procedures and documentation.
  • Supervision and finalization of assignments involving sales tax / excise system evaluation of various corporate entities which include preparation of audit reports and recommending suggestions for the loopholes in the control system.
  • Formulating tax beneficial business strategies and VAT (Value Added Tax) planning.
  • Handling Tax Audits on behalf of clients
  • Handling show cause notices and representing the clients before the tax adjudicating authorities
  • Preparation and contesting appeals before the Customs Tribunal, Appellate Tribunal SRB, Appellate Tribunal Inland Revenue, Federal Tax Ombudsman and Federal Board of Revenue.
  • Handling compliance and procedural matters under the Indirect Tax Laws
  • Pre-filing audit and preparation of monthly tax returns
  • Handling refund/drawback matters.

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